Guide for Indian business visitors Guide for Indian business visitors

Guide for Indian business visitors

Guide for Indian business visitors

The Embassy welcomes visits by Indian exporters and businessmen to Mexico. When a visit to Mexico is planned, it is advisable to inform the Embassy well in advance so that the visit can be planned suitably. The Embassy can then provide lists of important Mexican importers/dealers of particular products, as well as other large Mexican companies so that useful contacts can be made with them prior to the visit. In addition the Embassy can provide useful statistical information on specific products. For its part, the Embassy requests that exporters give a short briefing on their activities in Mexico before returning to India.

An important factor while interacting with Mexican businessmen is knowledge of Spanish. Spanish is the most spoken language in this country although most businessmen can speak English as well. Interpretation services are available and can be hired at a cost. Also, we would advise that enquiries or other correspondence to the Mexican companies should be made in Spanish. Information brochures and company profiles should also be printed in Spanish using translation services in India.

Mexican holidays
While planning a visit to Mexico, it is important to take into account the national holidays. A list of Embassy holidays is given on the website. Dates for important Mexican Holidays should be checked in advance, also from the Mexican Embassy in New Delhi at: Mexicans are most often not available during festivities. Business visits to Mexico should be avoided on these holidays as well as a couple of days before and after.

General safety in Mexico is comparatively reasonable. The drug related violence generally do not affect the usual city life. However, petty street crime is common and extra vigilance should be taken in order to reduce the risk. Passport and wallet should be carried carefully as there many cases of snatching and pick-pocketing.

Hotels in Mexico are generally good and reasonably priced. Services provided by them are of normal international standard. All international credit cards are accepted mostly.

Mexico uses the Mexican pesos as the nationally acceptable currency, however, US Dollars is also accepted in some places (especially in Cancun and Los Cabos). Conversion of US Dollars to Pesos and vice-versa is very liberal. The current Exchange rates of Mexican currency (pesos) vis-à-vis major international currencies are given at:

Local transport
Taxis are available in abundance and are not so expensive. The subway (Metro) is one of the best ways to move around in Mexico City: it's cheap (MXN5 for a ticket as of June 2017), safe, has a large network and is extremely fast, compared to any on-street transportation, since it doesn't have to bear with the constant traffic jams. The train system is almost non-existent and trips outside Mexico City should be made by air or by comfortable luxury buses.

 Mexico City has a large number of restaurants which suit all pockets and palates. Notable Indian restaurants are Bukhara (Centro Historico), Dawat (Polanco) and Hindustan (Polanco) restaurants.

The climate varies across Mexico's vast landscape. In the northernmost area of the Baja Peninsula, on the Pacific coast, the climate is Mediterranean, whereas the climate is arid on the other side of the peninsula, facing the Sea of Cortez. As you go south on the Baja Peninsula, the climate changes to become a subtropical sub-arid/semi-arid climate, until you reach La Paz and Cabo, which has a unique tropical desert climate. On the mainland, the northern area of Mexico tends to be mountainous and chilly, and the lower areas have an arid climate. A tropical climate prevails from around the Tampico area down to Cancun, as well as the adjacent side on the Pacific.

Other information
The electric current in Mexico is 110-120V volts but at 60 hz (US type A plug). As far as drinking water is concerned, one should avoid tap water and instead consume bottled water, which is available in abundance. A business visit to Mexico City can be combined with a half-day pleasure trip to Teotihuacan, the ruins of an Aztec city about 100 km north-east of Mexico City.