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Advisory for Indian students seeking admission at the Belize Medical College of Central America Health Sciences University in Belize City.

In recent years, a number of Indian students have obtained admission for undertaking a medical course at the Belize Medical College. However, several students have subsequently faced problems with the management of the Belize Medical College in regard to obtaining their degree certificates, securing return of their original documents submitted at the time of admission to the Institute, refund of the caution money/security deposit, etc.

  1. The Embassy of India in Mexico City (which also serves as the High Commission of India to Belize) hereby advises all Indian students seeking admission to the Belize Medical College to exercise caution. The College requires students from India to sign a bilateral contract with the College at the time of admission, which is legally enforceable in Belize. The Indian students are advised to read the contract carefully and consider the adverse implications of all the fine points in the contract before signing it.
  2. It may be noted that the Embassy of India, Mexico City / High Commission of India to Belize as well as the Office of the Honorary Consul General of India in Belize is not in a position to intervene beyond a point should a dispute arise between Indian students and the Belize Medical College, following from decisions they have voluntarily taken, to seek admission to this Institute and to enter into legally-binding contracts of their own free will.