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Professor Mallar Mukherjee

Sh. Mallar Mukherjee hails from a small rural town of West Bengal  , India. His primary teaching in Tabla was in the hands of his paternal uncle , Lt. Debaprasad Mukherjee.  Later he went to Lt. Pundit Anand Vodas of Farukhabad Gharana. Finally he had learnt the nuances in this gharana under tutelage of Pundit Aninda Chatterjee  and  Lt. Pundit Shankar Ghosh. Sh. Ghosh joined GTICC in 2019.

Professor Diti Kriti Vora
Diti Kirit Vora grew up in Mumbai.She had her first encounter with Yoga a decade ago. She has been practicing Yoga regularly since 2010 and became a professional Yoga Trainer in 2015

Hindi and Sanskrit
Professor Yogendra Sharma

Professor of Hindi and Sanskrit Studies in Mexican Universities, such as College of Mexico, UNAM and ENAH. Member of GTICC since 2011.

Profesora Patricia Torres

She began her career with the classical style Bharat Natyam with Leela Samson, Nana Kassar, Gayathri Keshavan. She is member of the GTICC since 2011.

Professor Mariana Flores

She was a disciple of renowned teachers and dancers like Nirmala Paniker and Geo Legorreta. She joined the GTICC on February 2012.

Professor Sak-Nicte Romero

Actress, dancer and Odissi dance teacher. She has taken courses of this artistic discipline with renowned performers like Kakali Bose and Soumya Bose.

Professor Kate Asmara

Actress and dancer. She has specialized in Bollywood dance. She has been member of the GTICC since 2011.

Professor Meenal Sajwan

She was trained at the Kathak Kendra National School in New Del- hi, under the guidance of Guru Pt. Jai Kishan Maharaj Ji. Currently, she works in the GTICC as Instructor, Interpreter and Choreogra- pher of Kathak.

Indian cuisine
Professor Rakhi Pardeshi

Wife of the Ambassador of India in Mexico and cooking teacher. Member of the GTICC since 2017.

Professor Sidartha Siliceo

Disciple of Ravi Shankar. He is a symphonic percussion musician and writer of concert music. He has a doctorate in sitar music and has developed his career in Europe, Asia and America.

To register for any of the activities it is required to present:
1) Registration form duly completed (available at theoffice).
2) Passport size photograph.
3) Copy of valid official identification.
4) Copy of proof of residency.
5) Registration feea. Yoga: M$200.00
b. Other programmes: M$ 150.00
6) Monthly fee
a. Yoga: M$ 300.00
b. Other programmes: M$ 200.00
The documents must be delivered at the Gurudev Tagore Indian
Cultural Center from Monday to Friday, 9.30-13.30 hrs. and
Payment by check or bank deposit to the account
HSBC 40468 36763


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